Frank Marabeti

  Frank Marabeti is the owner and chairman of Marabeti Unlimited LLC. He spent the last 10 years in the Real Estate and Mortgage industry. Attending open houses, creating listing presentations and utilizing the power of social media to promote his business services. After successfully closing deals utilizing the power of social medial. He had a revelation, his next quest was to become a Master Digital Marketer.


Utilizing his business acumen and fire for growth while fueling his entrepreneurial spirit, he created Marabeti Unlimited LLC, a leading full-service Digital Media Marketing Agency.  

Frank has received certifications from Google, Udemy, SEMrush Academy. He is always updating his education and keeping up with the industry. 



Frank Marabeti has transformed into a passionate Digital Marketer, committed to the success of his client’s social media campaigns...   

 What you receive from Marabeti Unlimited LLC:

  • Commitment and Trust. 

  • Open Lines of Communication. 

  • Creativity and Innovation

  • Confidence and Results

 Being an artist and working tv actor Frank Marabeti constantly has his finger on the pulse of pop culture and current trends.

Both in social media and the real world. 

He genuinely cares and enjoys the process of brainstorming and collaboration to get the job done.

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